The roof is off

I actually got it loose yesterday evening, but it was too heavy to handle without help, so I had to wait until someone could give me a hand with lifting it off. 

Now I’ll have to get the roll cage off, before I can lift the roof over the car and out the garage door.

She looks so much better without the full length roof. I think I’ll put the truck cab on instead, or leave her without a roof all together.

Dismantling Laura

I’d like to have more evenings where I could be in the workshop, but we’ve got a lot of other projects we need to get done. 

But I’m trying my best to keep my Thursday evenings clear, so I can get my Land Rover ready for a MOT.

Today was the first workshop Thursday, and my daughter offered her help, so the two of us got going dismantling wiring and bodywork. 

As could be expected, nuts and bolts can be a pain, on a 50+ year old vehicle, but not as bad as it could have been.

It’s great working on a car again. It has been a long time, since I last lied under a car wrenchning. 


Double car wash 

Normally I don’t write about washing my cars, but today wasn’t a normal car wash ?

Laura has not seen soapy water in more than 17 years, so she was a lot greener than when she left the factory (and she left the factory with a “light green” paint).

I expected that the thick layers of algae, Moss, dust and bird? would demand some nasty chemicals, but a rinse, and two “normal” washes with steaming hot soapy water was enough to do the job.

The dry layer of algae was dissolved, and took the rest with it.

Now it’s hard to imagine what she looked like, before I started washing her.

Laura is home again

At last Laura is home again.

Back after spending 17 years in exile.

Greener than a Land Rover usually is, and needing a few buckets of soapy water, but in far better shape than I had been hoping for.

I’ve been turning the engine every time I visited her in storage, so I knew that moved freely. When we pulled her out of the barn and onto the trailer, everything else seemed to move freely without any issues.

The last stuff was removed from the garage yesterday, so she could be brought home.
I enjoyed the sight of her in the garage so much, that I didn’t close the door before nighttime.

Laura visits her birthplace

The first long trip I took with Laura, was bringing her home.
23/12 we drove from the northwest to the west coast of Denmark in a blizzard, to take the ferry to England.

The roof was not mounted, so I had to move my head towards the centre of the car every time I passed a lorry, so I didn’t get hit in the face from the spraying slush from their wheels.

On the way from Hertford to the Land Rover factory in Solihull the drivers window wiper engine broke down. Luckily the Series IIa has two separate wiper motors, with manual override, so I could wipe the windshield manually until I found a bridge where I could swap motors so I could get back without sore fingers 🙂