Swapping the dynamo with a generator

The original Land Rover dynamo is (as the original battery) fine in an original Series vehicle, but if you add upgrades like a stereo with an amplifier, axillary lights or a winch you will probably want something that’s more powerful.
I can understand that a lot of Landy owners experience that the lights flicker when idling (I upgraded in the 90s so I can’t recall if I had issues of this kind).

One solution is PowerLites “Dynalyte” replacement. A plug and play alternative that looks like an old original dynamo on the outside, but inside you will find a modern generator.

Powering an electric winch

As soon as I mounted my winch in the 1990s I discovered that the dynamo couldn’t deliver enough power, and instead started to deplete my battery as soon as it began pulling any kind of load.

Back then I hadn’t seen a kit like the Dynalite, so I went for the most powerful alternative I could find, without braking the bank, a standard generator from another vehicle, that could fit without too many modifications.

I ended up with getting a renovated generator from an Audi 100, as it delivered more Amps for its price, than other alternatives.
It has been working fine ever since and powered my winch without breaking a sweat, however I didn’t consider the future availability of Audi 100 parts, so I’ll probably have to create a new bracket if I ever have to swap it out later ūüėČ

Have you upgraded your dynamo, or thought about it? If so, please share your thoughts in a komment below!

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