GTL Diesel – Gas To Liquid Fuel

GTL Diesel pump at a Danish Shell station

I’ve been testing GTL Diesel in my daily driver, and so far, I’m positively surprised. While I was filling up, I met another driver, who came to fill his car. He drove Volkswagen minivan, that was close to have driven 500.000 kilometres, and had run it on GTL Diesel the past two years.He was sure … Read more

Visiting Holbæk Motor Service with the Danish Land Rover Club

Dodge Power Wagon chassis with Land Rover bodyparts and Toyota Dyna diesel engine and gearbox

Holbæk Motor Service invited us up to their dream of a workshop, to show us what they do, and some nice old engines they were working on. Inside the workshop had a row of engines that were getting a thorough overhaul. The most interesting were a Chevrolet Camaro, a Smart ForTwo Brabus Cabriolet and an … Read more

The Danish Land Rover Club’s two day winch course can be used on other things…

The Danish Land Rover Club (Dansk Land Rover Klub / DLRK ) has some great courses. There is the “Green Certificate“, that any member has to acquire in order to participate in any off-road event, held by the club. A few years ago, I participated in the local DLRK Region Bornholm’s two day course, on … Read more

People who have converted a classic Land Rover to electric drive

Besides the companies that make a living by converting old Land Rovers, there are a lot of private individuals that have converted their own. If considering to build your own, there is a lot of knowledge and inspiration in the projects below. Series III’s Jeff G’s Lightweight Jeff has documented his project very well on … Read more