Land Rover Series Paint

Laura is a mature woman, and I can’t see any reason to hide her age, and all her patina, and minor imperfections help tell the stories of what she has experienced thru her life.

But some touchups are needed, and especially after removing rust, paint is needed, to prevent it returning.

Land Rover Series paint codes

In Denmark a Series Land Rover is “Pastel Light Green” with “Limestone” wheels.
If it’s a van, or a stationwagon, it’s roof is “Limestone” as well.
This doesn’t mean that there are no other colours on the road, but it seemed in many years that the standard colour that was imported was green.

A bit like the “You can get a Ford T in any colour you like as long as it’s black” quote, that probably is more a good story, than a true one.

“You can get a Land Rover in any colour you like, as long as it’s “Pastel Light Green/Limestone”

Pastel light green



Seen advertised as very close to RAL 6021 on some forums.




Ive seen some RAL colours advertized as “close to Land Rover Limestone”, but I’m not convinced. Iv’e seen these mentioned:

RAL 1015 Light Ivory

RAL 9001 Cream

RAL 9016 Traffic White

Where to buy paint

So, where do you get a fitting paint?
I ordered two tins of “Pastel light green” and “Limestone” from “Paddocks” together with some other spares.
Unfortunately their Pastel Green paint contains lead, witch is an issue in Denmark. So I had to find another supplier.

What colour is your Land Rover, and where do you get your paint?
Please add a comment if you have bought, or a considering to buy paint?

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