Companies that convert classic Land Rovers to electric drive

Where do you buy a “ready to go” converted Land Rover?

There are a few companies that renovate Land Rovers and convert them to electric drive, if you think doing it yourself is to big a task.


Jaunt Motors convert Series Land Rovers between 1958 and 1985 in Australia

Car site The Driven has a nice article about the cars from Jaunt


Twisted Automotive build some awesome Land Rovers, and has teamed up with Dutch Plower, who makes the drivetrain for Twisted’s cars.


Plower has a partnership with Twisted Automotive, and delivers the electric drivetrain.

A popular mod in classic cars is mounting a Tesla engine.
Not a legal possibility in a Danish Land Rover, because of the amount of power they produce.
BBC has a nice article about making Ferraris faster with Tesla engines.

EVcrate have created a Land Rover conversion and would probably do another if asked politely.

If you know of other companies, that convert classic Land Rovers, please let us know by adding a comment below!

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