Land Rover in general · 24th April 2020

Radios for classic cars

So, if you want to hear music, radio, podcasts or other stuff in your classic car, what do you chose to mount in it?

I once had a Ford Mustang from 1968, where a previous owner had used a hacksaw, to retrofit a modern 1-DIN unit, which probably was OK, if it was done as a newish used car, but to do that today would be frowned upon by many.

In a series Land Rover it’s easy to retrofit a 1-DIN or 2-DIN radio, in anything from headliners to cubbyboxes, but somehow I havn’t found the perfect solution yet, and until I do, I’ll stick with my iPhone and portable hardy Land Rover green Ultimate Ears Wonderboom speaker.
It fit’s perfectly in the front compartments, and a charge lasts a week.

FM and AM radio is being phased out in these years, and even DAB is getting replaced by DAB+
Besides “Radio”, Podcasts, and music streaming services have gained more and more daily users.

The old FM/AM radio is going to be useless, and extinct as the 8-track and the Dodo (and so is the CD).

What am I considering myself

Personally I’m one of those who have moved from Radio to Podcasts and music streaming.
If I was going to buy a head-unit today, it would look a lot at CarPlay enabled units, and probably end up with a as basic as possible Bluetooth enabled unit from a trusted brand.

CarPlay compatible units

Porsche has just launched two headunits for “classic” cars. One 1-DIN unit with oldschool knobs and a discreet looking 3,5 inch touchscreen, and a larger 2-DIN unit with a large screen and a more 1990s vibe.

Porsches classic 1-DIN “classic” CarPlay compatible head-unit.

Bluetooth head-units

At the moment I’ve got a very basic 1-DIN headunit in my “other car”.
It’s a Clarion FZ502E, that’s basicly a no frills 1-DIN unit with a single button/joystick, FM/AM, Bluetooth and a USB port. No CD slot and no SD card slot.
I Never use the radio, instead I either use the iPod connectivity to plug my iPhone to the USB port and charge while I listen to music, or as i most often do, stream the audio via Bluetooth.

I like the simplicity of it, but Bluetooth seems to magically forget to reconnect every 3rd or 4th time you want to use it.

What I want is a stable wireless connection, that automatically plays what my phone is playing, every time I get into my car.
This is also why I don’t mind using the UE Wonderboom as a “head-unit”.
I’m probably just looking for a set of Bluetooth stereo speakers that can be mounted behind the seats, and be connected to the battery as soon as i turn on the ignition.

I’d love to hear what you have chosen, and why.

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