Roof Top Tents

Considering one of the many types of Roof Top Tents for your Land Rover?

I have been thinking about getting one, but I do have an aversion for packing down wet tents, so I’m also considering other alternatives.

If I do end up getting a roof top tent, I’ll probably end up with the Maggiolina (se below).

The Classics

Eezi-Awn is probably the well known original, that started the roof tent category. It’s been around since 1983.

The Alternatives

If I was going to invest in a Roof tent, it would probably be a hardtop Maggiolina by the italian brand Autohome.


Australian roof top tent. A modern foldout tent, in a fibreglass shell.

Tembo 4×4

Classic fold-out canvas tents with ladder.


Tentbox is an English company making pop-up fibreglass shell tents.


Thule has made a series that reminds me a lot of the eezi-awn.

Cheep Chinese roof tents

I’ve seen rooftents as cheep as 210 § US on chinese websites.
Must admit that I wouldn’t expect a tent in that price range to survive many expeditions.

Do you have a roof tent, or are you considering one? Please leave a comment below with your thoughts and experiences.

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