Land Rovers and Cat Flaps

A popular accessory on the Series Land Rovers is the so called “Cat Flap”.

If you often swap roof styles, then you can leave the tailgate on your tub, and mount a top mounted “liftgate” (aka catflap) door on your roof.

The alternative is to swap between a side hinged door and the tailgate every time you switch between van/stationwagon roof and softtop/pickup/topless.

The original “Liftgate” door has part number 320652, and are a sought after object.

They were produced between 1958 and 1984, and like the doors, they are a birmabright skin, on a steel frame.
When the centre mounted handle is turned two steel rods extend or retrackt to activate the locking pins in the sides, to hold it in place.

I wonder why no one has made a third part plexi-glass replacement.

If you know of alternatives or copies, please leave a comment below.

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