GTL Diesel – Gas To Liquid Fuel

I’ve been testing GTL Diesel in my daily driver, and so far, I’m positively surprised. While I was filling up, I met another driver, who came to fill his car.

He drove Volkswagen minivan, that was close to have driven 500.000 kilometres, and had run it on GTL Diesel the past two years.
He was sure that the GTL fuel, was the reason that the engine had run without incidents. He also said that he was sure that I would feel and hear a difference within 50 kilometres, from filling the tank.

I better add a disclaimer.

No car companies I know of have approved the use of GTL Fuels in their engines.
If your vehicle still is covered by a warranty, it might not cover the use of non mineral-oil based fuels.
I can’t guarantee that no harm will happen to your engine, if you chose to try this on your vehicle.
“Don’t try this at home!”


I must admit, that the three cylinder Mercedes diesel-engine, that pushes my Smart Fortwo along, can be a bit noisy, but I do find that it feels a bit less noisy and feels smoother with the GTL, than on normal Diesel.

Another thing that I’ve noticed, is the exhaust. There is a faint wiff of gas, in the exhausts odour, compared to normal diesel exhaust.

The reason that I haven’t tried GTL Diesel in Laura, naturally is that she doesn’t run on it. Her engine is the Petrol version.

Have you tried GTL Fuel?
If so please leave a comment with what you thoughts and experiences have been.

GTL Diesel pump at a Danish Shell station
GTL Diesel pump at a Danish Shell station

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