Double car wash 

Normally I don’t write about washing my cars, but today wasn’t a normal car wash ? Laura has not seen soapy water in more than 17 years, so she was a lot greener than when she left the factory (and she left the factory with a “light green” paint). I expected that the thick layers … Read more

Laura is home again

At last Laura is home again. Back after spending 17 years in exile. Greener than a Land Rover usually is, and needing a few buckets of soapy water, but in far better shape than I had been hoping for. I’ve been turning the engine every time I visited her in storage, so I knew that … Read more

Lauras garage is ready

I got the last signs up last weekend, and today I got the last stuff dragged out, so now Laura can return home. Looking so much forward to seeing her parked in here, and getting down to giving her some of the attention she needs. I considered building a maintenance pit, but unfortunately the table … Read more

Welcome to

Today the site got a long needed facelift, and was moved to a new web host. This page is primarily meant to document the adventures of Laura the Land Rover SIIa, but thoughts about Land Rover and classic car ownership in general will occur as well. I’m a second generation Series IIa fan.One of my … Read more