Series Land Rover tyres

Born with 600-16 cross-ply tyres on 5×16 tubeless steel rims.

The 6.00-16 tyres are hard to find nowadays, unless you want front tyres for a historic tractor with wierd ribs.
The tyresize translates to the non existing 152/100-R16 and has a diameter of 710mm, width and hight are both 152mm. Circumference is 2230 mm and it turns 448 times on every kilometre that it passes.

Alternative sizes

There are a few good alternatives, and here I will focus on the mm based models, however unless you wan´t to pay a lot for your tyres, you will be getting a wider tire. Nobody runs tyres with the same width and height any more.

235/65-R16 has the same diameter, but are 83 mm wider

205/75R16 is the tyre that is closest to the original width, but is a tiny bit taller (715 mm).

215/70R16 is a tiny bit smaller (709mm)

In theory a larger tyre will give you lower revs, higher top speed and better fuel economy at higher speeds, but it will kill your acceleration. Smaller tyres will do the opposite.

The Series III were in some cases delivered with 7.50×16, that converts to a (non existing) 220/91-R16, and I do feel that larger tyres than that tends to kill the acceleration on a standard 2,25L engine.

Thin or wide?

When I bought Laura, series Land Rovers were plentiful, and often modified. Some of the mods were bigger tyres and more powerful engines to turn them. Often these were accompanied by a lift kit.

On or Off road?

Now they are more a classic car, and see less and less hard core off-road action. No need for the knobbiest of tires, and wide sand tyres for crossing the Sahara desert is no longer at the top of most Land Rover owners todo list.

As for knobby tyres. They might be great at getting you out of a muddy hole in the forest, but they can be pretty hard on a soft surface, and can make you “persona non grata” on greenlanes and private property.

Myself? I’ll stick to the newer radials that can be used both on tarmac and mild off-road.

Laura doing a bit of greenlaning in the 1990s

Want to know more about Land Rover wheels, then read the article about Series Land Rover rims.

What do you use on your landy, and why did you choose them? Please leave a comment below.

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