People who have converted a classic Land Rover to electric drive

Besides the companies that make a living by converting old Land Rovers, there are a lot of private individuals that have converted their own. If considering to build your own, there is a lot of knowledge and inspiration in the projects below. Series III’s Jeff G’s Lightweight Jeff has documented his project very well on … Read more

Stealing parts of other peoples cars

Laura parked under a tree

So while Laura was temporarily parked at another Land Rover fanatics home, somebody got the idea that the winch and bucket seats would look better on his car than on Laura. While nobody was watching, the winch was removed, and an unsuccessful attempt was done on removing the two bucket seats.Somehow the seats were damaged … Read more

Laura’s new home

Laura peeping out of her new garage

We have left the beautiful island of Bornholm, and Laura was the first to take the 250 km trip west to the western coast of Zealand. Her new garage might be a lot smaller than the last one, but it’s next to the furnace room, free of frost, bone dry, and has a nice concrete … Read more