The Land Rover Series handbrake – Pull to self destruct

One of the greatest things about Series Land Rovers, is that they are as simple as anything can get. However this does not apply to the handbrake.

The system might be less complicated on a RHD model, but on a LHD model, the handbrake leaver is mounted on the left side, and has to activate the brake from the right side of the gearbox. This is done thru a weird and complex contraption, that consists of a long row of leavers, rods, axels, springs and bearings, connecting to a single drum brake, mounted on the gearbox housing.

If maintained regularly it can prevent a parked Landy from rolling, but if you activate it while moving, to prevent an accident, you will probably end up snapping your axles in stead.

And if you don’t maintain and use it regularly, chances are that dirt and rust has built up in the drum, and as a result friction is not what it should have been.

Modifications and upgrades

The best modification I’ve seen is a kit that converts the drum to a more modern brake disc.
Since the disc is an open construction, it doesn’t collect dirt, mud and rust as the closed drums tend to do.

X-Eng Land Rover Series Hand Brake Conversion Kit
X-Eng Land Rover Series Hand Brake Conversion Kit

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