Anti theft solutions for classic cars

Series Land Rovers, and other classic cars from the area before “Connected cars” and Immobilizers are a bit too easy to steal.

Laura as an example came from the factory without door and window locks.

Immobilizers Bluetooth and Pinkode for starting

Pedal locks

These can bee mounted on the pedals, or above them. Preventing activation and a thief from driving the car away.

Steering wheel locks

A series of third party companies sell a bar that can be mounted on the steering wheel, preventing it from being turned.

Handbrake locks

You can make your own by mounting two brackets, one on each side of the handbrake gate, so that a padlock can be mounted sideways, under the activated leaver, preventing the release of the handbrake.

Gear lever locks

The Autolok has been a classic option since the 1980s, only problem with using it in a Land Rover, is what gear lever do you chose to lock with it? 🙂

Wheel lock

Probably more suitable as a protection device at home, that something you would bring with you to the shops.

A big lock that prevents the car from being moved. At least without a trolley to place under the wheel.

Lockable post

Not transportable, but can prevent the car from leaving your driveway.

GPS trackers

If the car does end up getting stolen, it’s possible to get hold of it again, with the help of a GPS tracker.

These small devices can be hidden in one of the countless corners in any Land Rover, and can inform its owner of it’s location, or even alert of any unauthorized movements, so that even if it’s loaded on a trailer, it will notice that it’s been moved.

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