First sign of life, in many years

It’s great to hear the first sign of life as that starter whirls when activating Laura’s starter button.

While living in our temporary rented house, Laura has been stowed away in the houses tiny garage.
Nice and dry for storage, but with about 20 cm to any side, far too small to do anything serious work.

However, after searching for 18 months, we have found, and bought, our new permanent home on Zealand, and Laura will get a lot more space.

A friend will come with a trailer in a few days, so Laura had to be ready for transport. The last time she was moved we pulled her with a tow rope. This time I hope to run her outside by using her starter, so she can be pulled up onto the trailer.
Before doing that she will need a better tire, than her flat rear left tire, and a new battery.

Her old spare was not MOT worthy, but it’s sound enough to roll her out, and to pull her up on a trailer.

Old flat rear wheel

The original battery was only 58 Ah, but I have bought a battery box (that will be mounted later), and the largest battery that fitted in it. It’s 80 Ah, 30 percent more than an original.

Lauras new battery.

The copper cables were very corroded, so the first attempts were not a success. After removing the corrosion with a wire brush it was possible to get a proper electric connection.

Getting Laura ready to move, with a new battery.

Lack of use has left it’s mark on the starter button, and it was frozen solid in the off position. After massaging it for a while, it became mobile again, and in the end worked as originally intended.

Activating Laura’s starter button

It was great to be able to oush the button, and hear the starter wake up, and turn the engine.

I’ve loosened the spark plugs to lubricate the cylinders, so there was no compression, as the air escaped freely at the spark plugs.

Laura is now ready to be moved. I look forward to seeing her parked in her new workshop.

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