Converting a Land Rover to electric drive

When I bought Laura in the 1990’s a normal conversion was shoehorning a 3,5 litre Rover V8 into a Series Land Rover.

Now where everybody is trying to leave a smaller environmental footprint, and the fuel prices have risen dramatically, focus on conversions have changed to electric engines instead.

Why convert a classic car to electric?

If the car of your dreams only runs 7 km/litre fuel, and your trying to make your carbon footprint smaller, it’s a good place to start.
At least if it’s your primary vehicle.

The world is quickly adapting to a world that is relying less and less on carbon based fuel, and every car manufacturer is working on a future without combustion engines.
One could easily suspect that fuel prices will rise when the amount of cars that uses it decreases, and the distance between petrol stations will probably increase as well.

Can you convert your own Land Rover?

Absolutely. If you have basic enough mechanical skills to maintain a Land Rover, then you should be able to convert one your self.

Can you get someone else to convert your Land Rover?

There are plenty of workshops that will convert your favourite Landy to electric drive.

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