General assembly in DLRK’s “South Zealand”region

I attended the local regional branch of the Danish Land Rover Club today, for the first time since moving back to Zealand.

They held their yearly general assembly, and I thought it would be a good time to meet up with them.

Our local driving instructor, noticed my low DLRK member number, and came over for a chat. He was curious to why he hadn’t seen me before.

He got the short version with this being my third local region since joining the club, but the conversation suddenly became very interesting when I told him that I might be new locally, but my car wasn’t.
Laura spent her first many years at the graveyard in Næstved, 15 km from where we held the assembly.

It turned out, that his wife had worked at the graveyard 16 years, and that she had shown him pictures of the old Land Rover they had had before she started working there.
That being Laura.

He got my telephone number and promised to try to get a copy of them, and hopefully he could find out what her original license plate number was.
I would love to get a copy of the original license plates on her one day.

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