Laura the Land Rover

1962 Land Rover Series IIa 88″ pickup, delivered as new to “Næstved Kirkegaard” (Næstved graveyard) with a 1/3 canvas hood.

She spent her first 25 years of her life trundling along the gravel paths, transporting the gardeners tools. When I bought her, she had only travelled 70.000km

Originally she left Solihull with a truckcab and a 3/4 cab mounted canvas hood, covering the bed.

At some time she had a dual fuel conversion, and a gas tank mounted in the bed.

The original hand-painted N.KG. has been there since 1962. The first owner was Næstved Kirkegård (Næstved Graveyard).



2,25 litre (2,286 litres actually) naturally aspirated petrol engine, with only three main bearings.
7.0:1 compression ratio.
An “impressive” 77 horsepower at 4250 RPM and 163 Nm of torque at 2500 RPM.

The 2,25 engine was the same one that was used in the Rover 80 saloon car.

Born with a Solex 40PA carburettor, but I changed it to a Weber carburettor in the 1990’s
The original oil filled air filter was also changed to the K&N model used in the 1983-forward Series 3.

The engine was pretty worn when I bought her, and when the oilpressure demanded a thicker oil, I got it rebuilt.
The original “Light Admiral Grey” paint was covered with the same green colour the army used for their reconditioned engines.

Laura peeping out of her new garage
Laura peeping out of her new garage