Anti theft solutions for classic cars

Series Land Rovers, and other classic cars from the area before “Connected cars” and Immobilizers are a bit too easy to steal. Laura as an example came from the factory without door and window locks. Immobilizers Bluetooth and Pinkode for starting Pedal locks These can bee mounted on the pedals, or above them. Preventing … Read more

Small Campingtrailers

I’ve been thinking about getting a small campingtrailer for a while now.A lot of people go for roof top tents, but I’d like something that can double as an office. Ideally I would like a Tabbert T@B 400TD, as it has a bed, table area, kitchen AND a bathroom with toilet and a shower, but … Read more

The “New” Land Rover Defender

I’ll be honest, (like so many other Classic Land Rover enthusiasts), I do have difficulties accepting what Land Rover calls “The NEW Defender”. I really like it, BUT… Don’t misunderstand me. I really like it, and think it’s a great Land Rover.I just think it should have had a Discovery or Freelander badge instead of … Read more

Double car wash 

Normally I don’t write about washing my cars, but today wasn’t a normal car wash ? Laura has not seen soapy water in more than 17 years, so she was a lot greener than when she left the factory (and she left the factory with a “light green” paint). I expected that the thick layers … Read more