Laura’s new home

Laura peeping out of her new garage

We have left the beautiful island of Bornholm, and Laura was the first to take the 250 km trip west to the western coast of Zealand. Her new garage might be a lot smaller than the last one, but it’s next to the furnace room, free of frost, bone dry, and has a nice concrete … Read more

Land Rovers and Cat Flaps

Land Rovers and Cat Flaps

A popular accessory on the Series Land Rovers is the so called “Cat Flap”. If you often swap roof styles, then you can leave the tailgate on your tub, and mount a top mounted “liftgate” (aka catflap) door on your roof. The alternative is to swap between a side hinged door and the tailgate every … Read more

Roof Top Tents

Considering one of the many types of Roof Top Tents for your Land Rover? I have been thinking about getting one, but I do have an aversion for packing down wet tents, so I’m also considering other alternatives. If I do end up getting a roof top tent, I’ll probably end up with the Maggiolina … Read more